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School Districts

Schools are the core of America’s communities, and Oral Cancer Initiative is proud to provide free oral cancer screening events through school districts nationwide. We welcome all parents and adults aged 18 and over. Each event reaches up to 20,000 people and provides an excellent opportunity to educate people about the threat of Oral Cancer. Even if they don’t get a check-up from us, they’re much more likely to ask about oral cancer at their next appointment.

Oral Cancer Initiative held three events in late 2019 and early 2020, screening for signs and symptoms in more than 1000 adults. Of those tested, 50 people showed possible signs of oral cancer. The attending dentists suggested they consult a medical professional for additional follow-up.

OCI encourages school districts nationwide to contact us to learn how you can host a free screening event and protect and save lives in your communities. Click below, and we will get back to you with information.

Dentists & Dental Students

Local dentists and dental students are the lifeblood of our events. We rely on volunteers at every Oral Cancer Initiative screening event. Testing allows the attendees to talk about oral cancer and address other issues that may concern them. This interaction is essential, as 30% of the attendees don’t have a regular dentist.

 This event is an opportunity for all participating dentists to interact with patients who have not had a recent check-up and need to find a dental practice for regular care. Participating volunteer dentists can fulfill that professional need, become a trusted resource, and grow your practice.


Major corporations have tens of thousands of employees, and they significantly impact the communities around them.

Oral Cancer Initiative is already working with two of America’s largest corporations and is planning screening events at the home offices of many more Fortune 500 companies in the future, and when COVID-19 is not a threat.

These events allow us to speak to a few hundred people in a day, plus all employees receive information about the event designed to raise awareness of oral cancer.

Contact us to learn more about sponsoring an Oral Cancer Initiative event at your company.

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